New Dispensation DisciplinesIntroductionWhen we begin talking about any kind of worship, it always refers to a certain kind of discipline that we have to bring to our lives. There is a certain kind of way that we now have to think, act and behave, and there are certain things that we are required to do, as well as  some things that we should let go from. All of these things are different kind of disciplines that we willingly choose to subject ourselves to.
We are all familiar with what the Old Covenant required from those who wanted to serve God and the different kind of disciplines that those early saints had to adopt and practise in their lives, in order to live well pleasing in God’s sight.
But how about the New Covenant (The New Dispensation) that has come through Jesus Christ? How many of us know what disciplines are required from us in this New Dispensation of worship?
You will be shocked to discover in reading this, that although we have entered a whole New Dispensation, many of…